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New Feature: Real-time Scoring

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  What does this mean in retail automotive and what does this have to do with lead scoring?

Everyone from the FBI, forensic psychologists, HR professionals to economists and computer engineers use sophisticated scoring algorithms and  models.  Scoring helps identify and predict a behavior, an opportunity, a threat or a myriad of other ‘outcomes’ that help us make important decisions fast.

Data, data and more data

A good sales professional will use experience, tact, care and other selling techniques to close a deal. However, every dealership has another tool to help make important decisions. Data. And every dealer CRM is loaded with it. There is an ever-increasing pressure on sales departments and BDC teams to work more efficiently, close more deals and close them faster. This can be done with data and scoring models.

The latest release of closemore incorporates a lead scoring algorithm. We don’t have an official name for it yet (because everything needs a cool name nowadays, doesn’t it?), but we can tell you its based on the best data science in the industry. Your current CRM or DMS may have some form of scoring baked-in, but with closemore, you can score every prospect or customer that walks into your dealership for a test drive, on-demand in seconds even if they’re not in your CRM.   (Note: If your CRM or DMS doesn’t do lead scoring, ask about our data append and API service.)

The closemore lead scoring algorithm uses first party data that’s already in your CRM. It looks at past customer behavior to predict which leads are most likely to buy.   The obvious benefits include:

  • Save Time, Close Faster – Scoring helps you allocate time and resources more effectively. It also means your team spends less time with prospects and follow-ups that have a low probability of converting.
  • Higher Conversions – Prioritizing sales, BDC and marketing activities based on scores helps improve conversion rates and creates more sales revenue in all departments faster.
  • Improve Productivity and Profitability  – Don’t have a BDC department or running a lean sales team? Scoring helps you do more with smaller, leaner teams. Scoring helps you focus on the best prospects and close faster.  Parts & Service can use scoring models too.  Ask us how.
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment –  When both departments have a profile of the dealership’s ‘best’ customer types, you can target them more effectively and increase the quality of leads and consumers walking through the door.

Want to learn more?  Just ask.  We’ll even give you a free full-featured trial of closemore.