That's how much OEMs and dealer groups spend every year driving consumers to their websites and stores. But they spend nothing to understand them when they arrive and are ready to buy.

It’s time to invest a little in getting to know your customer so you can close more deals and faster.

How would you sell me a car?

I’m not like anyone else. I’m different in many ways.  Hint:  It’s about understanding me and the relationship.

(Tap to learn what makes me tick)

I just retired. Hooray!

I fought in Desert Storm. I worked at the United States Postal Service for 26 years. My wife and I raised three daughters. I like building things. We own a timeshare in Florida.

What matters to me most?

I’m single, live downtown, listen to podcasts, concerned about global warming and I’m into fitness big time. I look for cars that are made in America and have high safety ratings.

You'd be surprised

I have a PhD in Physics, just got married, live in the country and love Jimmy Fallon.  I look for versatility and the latest tech in vehicles. I volunteer at the YWCA women’s shelter.

My friends call me Scap

I work in finance, make $80,000/year. Love new technology. I’m a foodie. I go to Starbuck’s every morning. Not brand loyal when it comes to cars. I can talk about football for hours. 

Arm your sales teams with the first and only real-time consumer insight tool developed exclusively for the retail automotive industry.
Get on-demand profiles on over 227 million licensed drivers in the United States.

Customer/Lead Scoring
Score every prospect that shows up to your showroom and every customer in your CRM. Predict their likelihood to buy and prioritize follow-ups. Scores are derived from first party data in your CRM and therefore unique to your brand and dealership. Setting up our scoring algorithm is easier than you think.
Demographic, Financial and Lifestyle Insights
Get on-demand income, demographics, lifestyle, psychographic and other behavioral insights that help you understand, drive the conversation and connect in more genuine ways. A 360-degree view helps you close more appointments and deals faster.
Understand & Close Faster
People buy from people they like and trust. A consumer visits 2.3 dealers before they buy. If they're not buying from you, they're moving on to a competitor. Use closemore for real-time intelligence on every prospect to build rapport, trust and close more deals faster.
Drive the Dialogue
Turn awkward small-talk and follow-up calls into meaningful and productive dialogue. When you know what's important in the car buying decision, you can guide the questions and conversation. It's the first sale that drives revenues in other departments and increases the lifetime value of every customer.
50 Second Tour
People buy from people they like and trust. When you know more, you close more, deliver exceptional customer experiences and increase the life-time value of every customer.

Our mission is to help you close more and close faster.