Use Cases

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Dealership Use Cases

Sales, F&I, Service, BDC and Marketing can use closemore in different ways.   Not to mention a seamless customer handoff.

Mobile and desktop versions offer versatile and intelligent sales tool that have applications across all departments at the dealership.  The goal is not only to convert just the initial sale, but to nurture the relationship, create exceptional experiences and increase the life-time value of your customer.



Sales professionals are the front line staff that are critical to every dealership. They are the last mile in the customer journey and must close the first time. Armed with closemore, both new and experienced sales associates will use profile insights in different ways based on their style and approach. Bottom line, they'll close more.

Finance & Insurance

The sale is almost complete. F&I will not only need the 'soft-touch' consumer insights to continue the rapport developed by sales, they'll need additional data related to demand for extended warranties, service contracts and other add-ons. Additional financial data will help assess demand for various financing options. Anticipating what your customer wants before they ask helps create a smooth, enjoyable and exceptional customer experience.

Parts & Service

Building trust and rapport with first time and existing customers is critical. Interest and lifestyle data is available when making and verifying service appointments. Courtesy shuttle drivers can also use insights to engage the customer and continue delivering that exceptional customer experience that is so important. But it doesn't end there. Access data on where your customers usually shop for repairs, parts and service. A quick look-up tells it all.

Business Development

BDC productivity whether a team or the responsibility of one individual is critical. The desktop version of closemore is strategic tool that can motivate and inspire staff to engage in more genuine ways with prospects. Turn awkward calls into conversations with the right talking points. Converting appointments to maximize sales and profitability are critical for every dealership. Ask about our batch profiling tools.


The 80/20 rule tells us that 80% of revenues are driven by 20% of your customers or customer types. closemore can help profile those customers so you can find more of them and market to them more effectively with the right messaging, offers and through the right channels. Ask about our batch profiling and audience identification services. The cloud version of closemore will provide all the tools you need to target and close more.