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Is closemore data privacy compliant?

Yes.  Absolutely.  Our service and the data we provide are 100% privacy compliant in every jurisdiction in the United States and Canada.  We may use several data providers depending on which package you buy, but rest assured we’ve vetted all partners to ensure their data acquisition methods are privacy compliant.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely.  We’re so confident closemore will help you close more, that you can download the app for free and start using it immediately.  Just complete and submit the form here.

You’ll get 15 free lookups (scan’s of a driver’s license or manual address searches).  Why only 15 lookups, you ask?  You’ll either love closemore immediately, or you won’t. We’re so confident you’ll be amazed with the results that you’ll want to continue using it forever. You’ll receive a quick notification when you’re about to exhaust your look-ups. If you need to extend your trial, let us know.  After your trial you can select the package that suits your dealership or dealer group.  Ask us about volume pricing.

What packages do you offer for individuals, dealers and dealer groups?

At this time we don’t offer individual licenses.   However, ask your GM or SM to check us out and get a FREE TRIAL of closemore  for everyone in the dealership.  After the trial, we’ll help put together the right plan for your dealership.  Click here for more information on pricing.

Where do you get your data?

Good question.  But that’s part of our secret sauce so we can’t be too specific.  However, we can tell you it all starts with North America’s most advanced consumer segmentation system and data sources that the Fortune 500 have been using for decades.  Our data partners use proprietary methods, algorithms and over 5,000 private and public databases to provide unique insights about the marketplace and consumers.  The datasets we employ will vary depending on your use-case and the specific needs of various dealership departments.   Check out various use-cases here.

How accurate and reliable is the data?

Another great question.  closemore data are based on the proprietary methodology and modeling techniques of our data partners. Clustering and segmentation algorithms use Multivariate Divisive Partitioning, or MDP. MDP uses a tree partitioning method called Classification and Regression Trees, or CART, for more sophisticated data modeling. The result is the most reliable consumer behavior and predictive modeling in North America.

Here are some additional answers based on the type of data you get in closemore:

Income & Net Worth
Financial and household insights start with self-reported income and demographic data at the address level.  That’s as accurate as it gets without breaching privacy. Financial and other data are de-identified, aggregated and modeled to represent accurate propensities around lifestyle, interests and dozens of automotive behaviors (i.e. brand preference, what’s important when selecting a vehicle, what neighbors drive,  where consumers buy parts, oil changes and other repairs, etc.).

So when you do a lookup on an address or prospect, the data returned is modeled specifically about occupant(s) at that address and their behaviors.

About Me
These talking points are based on the prospect’s life stage and represent high-indexing interests. These insights are not meant to define your prospect, but to describe common behaviors across this life stage.

Top 5 Important to Me
This is neighborhood level data and represents the top five most important factors that will have some influence on what vehicle the prospect will buy.

Lifestyle Indicators – Snapshot
These insights are based on high propensity behaviors. They are not meant to be taken literally (though your prospect may in fact exhibit the *exact* behaviors identified). Rather, interpret them as the type of dining, vehicle preference and recreational behaviors common in people in this socio-economic classification.

Lifestyle Indicators – Deep Dive
These behaviors and talking points are based on the prospect’s life stage. Use them as a guide to drive the conversation and connect.

Top 5 / Neighborhood / Spending
Spending intent on leased, used and new vehicles is based on neighborhood level data. These are the projected values and represent what the prospect is likely to spend on leased, used and new vehicles in the next 12 months.

What’s in the Neighborhood
These are the top 3 brands that you’ll find in the prospect’s neighborhood. Your prospect may be an outlier and drive a different brand which should tell you something about them.

Do you offer refunds?

Only in special circumstances.   Your minimum commitment is 6 months.  It may take some time for sales professionals and other departments to get comfortable using closemore data and insights.  Some will get it immediately.  Some may need a little time. Don’t give up too early.  How each user interprets and uses the data will vary.  What works for one person may not work for another.  Experience, where the prospect is in their purchase journey and a host of other variables will also affect how effective closemore will be in helping close the sale.  Share successes and use-cases.

Are user licenses transferable?

Absolutely, yes!   We know employee turnover is a reality in the retail automotive industry.   We can assign a license to new or different employees at your request.  We can disable use of closemore on the device of the outgoing employee.

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