Features: Data & Insights

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Deep, Real-time Insights
  • Scoring – Predict a prospect’s likelihood to buy – Sell smarter
  • Income and Net Worth – Quickly assess financial strength
  • Household Profile – Home ownership, presence of children, education and occupation
  • Psychographic Behaviors – Understand who the prospect is and what’s important to them
  • Lifestyle Indicators – Dozens of interests, activities, purchase preferences and more
  • Top 5 Important to Me – Understand vehicle purchase motivators and values
  • Projected budget on new, used, leased vehicles
  • What’s in the Neighborhood – Top 3 brands in the prospect’s neighborhood
  • Prospect Tracker –  A quick and easy reference at your fingertips
  • PDF Profile – Email yourself a handy printable PDF for your file
  • Mobile and cloud versions
  • Dashboards and management tools
  • Charting & Analytics –  Easy to understand charts and graphs
  • API Service – Ask about our easy integration
Driver's License Scan or Manual Look-up
A quick DL scan or manual look-up and you get instant insights and talking points. Appointments, walk-ins, internet leads or CRM follow-ups; every opportunity is fast and easy to profile.
Track Your Prospects
This isn't another CRM to manage. A DL scan automatically adds your prospect to the app and cloud. Tap to add the year, make, model and any other notes and you have a handy reference that you can refer to any time during follow-ups. You don't even have to be on the lot. All in the palm of your hands.
Web-based Dashboard: Management and Analytics in the Cloud
Manage every user in your dealership or dealers in your dealer group. Real-time analytics, reports and features to help you close more deals. Our cloud version also features tools that F&I, Parts & Service, BDC and Marketing can use to help profile, target and sell more. Data and insight are unique for each department.

Hi-resolution selling for auto dealerships

Dealer visits have dropped from 5 to 2 in recent years, so if you don’t close today, your prospect is going to a competitor and likely not coming back. Go from knowing nothing about your prospect to arming yourself with deep insights and talking points that help you close more and close faster.

Before closemore

How well do you know Dave?

When Dave shows up on your lot, you know virtually nothing about him.

The average dealer spends over $560,000 per year SEO, SEM, PPC, retargeting, print, radio and other forms of advertising.  You’ve trained your sales staff in the latest selling techniques. But you still likely don’t know very much about Dave when he comes in for a test drive and is ready to buy, do you?

That changes today.





Understand, connect and close more 

After closemore

Get to know Dave and close

Get real-time insights about Dave  delivered in seconds.  When you have a 360 degree view of how Dave lives, thinks and makes purchase decisions, you can better serve his needs, improve the customer experience and of course, close the deal. Here’s a brief closemore profile of behaviors associated with people like Dave:

  • Average household income: $154,833
  • Average net worth: $1,359,987
  • Owns his home and the kids are gone
  • Dave has a graduate degree and works in healthcare
  • Dave is a foodie, likes jazz, plays golf and reads Forbes
  • Exterior styling and safety are most important to Dave
  • Dave’s budget is $30,000+
  • He’ll consider both buying and leasing

Know more and close more.

You’re 3 minutes from closing more.  No obligation.  No strings attached. Promise.