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The Core Team

We’re building the team piece by piece

Management, leadership, product development, data analysts, industry partners, data suppliers, subject experts, designers and those providing moral support and a pat on the back.  We’re building the team piece by piece, but for the very short team, these are the people that are guiding our growth.  If you’re intrigued with what we’re doing, learn more about our career opportunities.


Jim Kalogerakos, President

Jim studied business, but graduated with a degree in Philosophy.  He looks at the world, problems and opportunities differently; making connections where at first there might not seem to be any.  Almost 25 years ago, a friend gave him a free internet account during the very first days of the internet.  He was hooked.  For over 25 years he has married marketing, data and technology in innovative ways to build innovative products, services and business models.  Jim will lead sales, marketing, product and market development while he builds that team that will drive growth.

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Scott Galambos, Chief Technology Officer

Scott is the principal engineer behind closemore.  An adept problem-solver and technology innovator, he’s developed custom web-based applications and solutions for some of the most recognized brands and organizations around the globe including  Lockheed Martin, Hewlett Packard, NCR, 3M, Brinks and US Department of Transportation to name a few.  Scott will lead product development and technology teams as we grow the automotive and other strategic verticals.

Steve Mehnert
Vice President Strategic Alliances, Claritas

Steve has done pioneering work in consumer marketing and specifically in automotive.  In his current role at Claritas Steve helps marketers Understand, Deliver and Optimize their best customers and prospects.  Most recently he heads up Strategic Alliances where he works with many of Claritas’ premier partners including STAT Analytics (closemore). Steve was also instrumental in creating an automotive focus using Claritas data in digital marketing, in partnership with JD Powers while building an automotive vertical at Nielsen prior to Claritas becoming an independent company.  Steve has already been instrumental with introductions to OEMs and key industry players.  He will continue to advise us as we scale growth.

Peter Stratakos
Vice President Americas, Advisory & Client Services, Blackstone Energy Services Inc.

Peter is a Senior Executive who is passionate about helping organizations with  business challenges and strategic initiatives. He has and continues to be instrumental in guiding our team and growth. He believes agility and continuous learning are paramount in helping organizations meet business objectives and run sustainable operations.

Tyler Cowan
BSc., MSc. Artificial Intelligence

Tyler is a rising star in AI evolutionary learning and computation and machine learning. His interest in game development, specifically game theory, will be integral to improving the user-experience and usage rates of our products. Tyler insights and direction are invaluable in R&D as we continuously improve our products and plan for new ones that address the changing needs in the automotive industry.